Leicester boss Rodgers targeting FA Cup glory

Publisert kl27 mai 2020 17:53 by Editorial

BOSS: Manager Brendan Rodgers. | Reuters

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has set his sights on FA Cup glory this season.

Leicester have reached the quarter-finals of the competition and would face Chelsea if it resumes.

The coronavirus crisis have hit the clubs wondering whether the competition will be finished. And if so the cup will anyway be played in a very different atmosphere from usual.

«The cup game is a strange one,» said Rodgers.

«The FA Cup so historic but you can get to the final of that and play at an empty Wembley Stadium. There are so many things to consider.

«After this scenario we will all be winners if everyone can come through safe and get football back on for supporters. It won’t be the same without them but we will do everything we can to make it a spectacle if the games get played.»

LEICESTER: Brendan Rodgers og Jamie Vardy.Reuters